3 comments on “Field Recordings (a return to)

  1. “This works very well – much better than my old ones, much quieter and better low frequency extension.” The Primo EM172 are indeed much quiter, but the bass response shouldn’t differ from Panasonic WM61.
    It seems more like you damaged your Panasonic when assembling them. That’s an easy misstake and you have to becareful not to overheat them during soldering. You also have to use wires that are thin and flexible – if you use cables that are too stiff, you get a lot of bending forces on the terminals when handling the capsule or mount in in a holder, wich may break the air seal.
    I have done that misstake my self. I have the possibility to calibrate them in the bass range and discovered that they started losing sensitivity in the bass for no reason every now and then. It took a lot of frustration and ruined capsules before I discovered that it was the bending forces from the cable, that caused it (a typical 3 mm microphone cable with normal sized conductors and screen is too stiff).
    Now I use about 5-10 mm of 0.15 mm enameled copper wire soldered to the terminals, then in turn solder those wires to the the cable. I have never had a destroyed capsule again since then.
    Good ones (wich have not been damaged) are flat down to below 10 Hz within 1 dB.

    I guess (and hope) the Primo EM172 is about as good at low frequencies. I also ordered a pair recently, because of their low self noise – it will be great for those quiet sound where low self noise is more important than a perfect frequency response.

    Now if it have MORE bass than an undamaged Panasonic WM61, that wouldn’t be good ether, since that means they will have too much sensitivity in the bass. The bass is often already the strongest part of the audio and if you get too much of it means you will have to lower your recording volume more than nessecary (and the noise floor of your recorder will apphear higher). But, I have never seen a microphone that goes up more than maybe a dB or 2 in the bass – ether they go flat or they go down.

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