Music Biography

I really became obsessed with music in my early teens and my focus was then on the band Queen and this turned into a wider appreciation of all things heavy. I wanted to do what those guitarist fellers in band such as Scorpions, UFO and Van Halen were doing – or at least try to do so.

I was brought up in the North east of the UK, which was on the heavy rock bands touring circuit, so I was able to see a lot of established and up and coming bands that were on tour. I used to studiously watch the lead guitarists to see how they were playing their solos – what techniques they were using, the fingerings on the fretboard etc. This was a great lesson in itself and I picked up a lot quickly.

I practiced like a demon for the first few years of my guitar playing life and made the mistake of just practicing solos – played as fast as I could. Consequently, I neglected the rhythmic side of things and this dawned on me a few years later. I just didn’t think it was that important at the time !

Lots of musical experimentation passed in the meantime and now years later, I’m now making slow ambient music. This kind of music is something I couldn’t have done when I was younger. I was far too speedy mentally and couldn’t relax, now this reflective and introspective music is far more a part of how I am / who I am.


2 comments on “Music Biography

  1. I Love your music. (Discovered on spotify) And the photos of n. Yorkshire are beautiful — filled with inherent narratives. Thanks.

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