2019 Update:

Am still doing the photography, but I am almost always using my iPhone (11) now. I’m finding the quality of the iPhone’s camera is improving considerably over time. I still use my Sony RX100 for video stuff though, as I find the iPhone video to be rather lacking in terms of noise.


2013 Original post:

I’ve taken pictures for years. For me, photography is something of a hobby, which is odd as I usually do things obsessively (like my music) or not at all.

I’m currently using a Sony R1 – which is a very good camera, but a bit big for day to day carrying about. For that purpose, I use a Sony HX5, which I got primarily for video. It’s pretty decent, but like all small sensor cams (that I’ve come across) not great regarding image quality. Almost all of the videos I made to go with my music (see links) were made from footage from the HX5.

Here’s a selection of recent images taken on my local perambulations with the HX5:

New Post with a selection of Sony R1 images


2 comments on “Photography

  1. Nice to see someone gives still love to the old Sony R1, love my R1, too. 😉 sometimes using
    it, because of the great zeiss lens and 24mm wideangle, which my tamron lens for the D7000
    doesn’t have.

    ps: great pictures!


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