Free Stuff

Two free tracks that can be downloaded from my Soundcloud page:



My track Fire in the Sky has been included on the Kalpamantra mega-compilation
Saur Maas (October 2011) Also includes tracks by Kammarheit, Troum, Phaenon, False Mirror, Mystified and lots of other artists.
Free download here

Ultramarine track on Conception (July 2011)

I have a previously unreleased track titled ‘Ultramarine’ included on the ‘Conception’ album release on the Free Floating Music label. The album is a free download and is available here

29/4/12 Update:

Two (newer) free tracks:

Two tracks that were only previously available on the DVD disc releases of my ‘ION’ and ‘Orcus’ albums released in 2010. I felt that they’ve been ‘exclusive’ for long enough and I’m now making them free to download. They are both 320 kbps mp3s, tagged.


Tectonic Mass

2/1/13 Update:

Two  free tracks:

The End of Days

Harmony through Conflict Montage

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