4 comments on “Cassette ! (and other obselete media nostalgia)

  1. All of those formats still sound very good. It’s likely the fault of the tape deck not being set up if tapes are getting mangled. A properly set up deck with stable speed and azimuth calibrated (not hard to do, usually there’s a screw to turn, check for best high frequency extension while listening in mono) will extract a ton of information off those cassettes, depending on the original recording quality of course. I still listen to my Walk-person (black WM-EX9) and think it sounds as good or better than an iPhone 6s Plus, which itself is a very good audio player.

  2. Certainly will, however a lot of the tapes I’ve worked with are fine, mostly from the late 80s, early 90s, although they probably haven’t been played that much since then.

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