4 comments on “Online self promotion – worth the effort ?

  1. You raise a number of interesting points. I get heartily sick of self promotion. The time it takes through social media so often outweighs the benefits. My biggest gripe is that so many musicians are appealing to and talking to a ‘musician only audience’, largely. Where are the listeners? Where are the listeners still enchanted by sound and not by production techniques? Soundcloud is a great vehicle for deep linking to your own tracks, but it falls into the same narcissistic trap that the other social media sites do. It amplifies our desperate need to be heard a thousand-fold. The cacophany becomes unbearable.
    Is the internet now so entwined with our global consciousness that other avenues for being heard have dried up?
    I tried Twitter 3 times before I ‘got it’. It’s now my favourite of the media experiments, but you need to be dedicated to a method of using it to get the most out of it. Do you just want a news feed from journalists? Do you just want celeb gossip? Do you want knowledge about weird stuff? Do you want to hook up with new friends? Do you want to find out about the hottest new music releases? Do you want to develop an appreciative audience?
    You can use Twitter in many ways, actively or passively, but you need to decide what is going to work for you and simply focus on it. Find good people to interact with, be unselfish and then you can find a new community to chat to. In that way, it’s not unlike a chat room. Some days it can be dull, and others it can reveal some good links or witty chatter.

  2. Steve,
    I agree with you that most musicians are talking to a ‘musician only audience’, saying that they are listeners too themselves and perhaps they should be more mindful to consider that in their self promotions capacities. Yes, the cacophony has become unbearable and self-defeating for that very reason. Even though I use the Internet a lot, I take time to get away from it and my mobile phone is so ancient it has no Internet connectivity. I’m of an age when I can remember when there was no Internet and while its a fantastic communication tool, we seemed to survive before it became hard-wired into our lives.

    • Absolutely. I’ll be turning 40 next week and I too can vividly remember a time before the internet and the mobile phone. There’s no doubt that the online world can be a fantastic tool, but it’s ubiquitous presence in our lives can also make it the biggest advertising billboard in the world, and that is profoundly mundane and wearisome.
      There’s an exhausting desperation in a lot of the spamming from musicians, the ambient crowd included. Surely it is a sad state of affairs when ‘producer heavy’ audiences make up a large part of the listening group? It has become a global support group, not an audience of appreciative listeners; and even when genuine listeners are garnered, there can be an expectation that the music should be free or CC licensed or very cheap on Bandcamp.
      I fear that this is a deep and wide problem.

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