3 comments on “‘You can’t mix on headphones’ ?

  1. Yeah, I’ve been brainwashed too with the ‘mixing on headphones is a no-go’. But I gotta admit, when I acquired my monitors (on loan from a friend) it definitely improved the quality of my mixes, even though it’s ambient. I still use my headphones (sennheiser) for the largest part of the job though. I just don’t feel comfortable creating music on monitors, I need to be able to hear the subtleties. And like you said, to clear out unwanted hiss and noises, headphones are far better than monitors imho. But for the final mix I switch over to my monitors, and usually after that final work everything sounds much more transparant, ‘light’, less tiring to the ears, and less condensed if you now what I mean. Something I can’t achieve on headphones.

    So for me : headphones rock, but I couldn’t do without my (my friends’) monitors any more.

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